COVID Recovery in India


This Gene is helping India overcome the COVID-19 infection

The COVID-19 virus has taken the world on a death spree. Infecting and killing millions of people across the world. It created havoc in the US and UK and as community spread begins in India the numbers are rising. India has over 60 lakh positive cases on record with a staggering one lakh death cases. Interestingly the recovery rate in India is very promising. More and more people are beating the virus on their own with their own self immunity.

A team of researchers from the BHU studied the genome of 483 people around the world. They found that corona immunity is already present in people’s genes more than herd immunity in India. Herd immunity is something when more than 70% of the population has been infected and recovered. This ability is derived from the gene ACE-2 receptor of the X chromosome present in the cells of people’s bodies.

The genome of Indians is very well made. There are so many unique types of mutations in their genome, that recovery rate is the highest in the country.This is why mutations running on the gene prevent the coronavirus from entering the cell.

Researchers found out that in Europeans and Americans this gene is only in 7% to 14% of people, due to which there is a very high death rate. Whereas this gene is very strong in 60% of Indians. This is why death rate is so high in the US and UK compared to Indians and other South Asians. More than 80% of Corona patients have been cured in the country. Not only this, the death rate in the country is also continuously decreasing.

What is a genome?

3.2 billion cells are found in a human, and each carry a DNA. The DNA directs cells to do what is necessary for them. The DNA also instructs to kill viruses when they attack the body.

DNA contains X and Y chromosomes. ACE-2 receptor is found on the X chromosome, which is targeted by the coronavirus. The chain of genes present in the DNA is called genome. ACE-2 receptor is also a part of the genome.

How many countries were genomes collected from?
Genome samples were collected from 483 people from Africa, America, Europe, Asia to Siberia and Papua New Guinea across six continents. The genome collection of Europe and America were also included. The results were validated with them and 5 different research papers on effect of coronavirus on humans were presented. 4 of them were published in Public Library of Sciences of America.

Indians stand stronger

People in the Indian subcontinent, China and South-East Asia observed that the structure of their genome gateway was 50% stronger than that in Europe and America.

Recovery rate in India

Coronation recovery rate in India is 80.86%. This is increasing every day. According to data released by the Union Health Ministry, India is in a better position than the rest of the world.

Death rate in India

There has been an average of 64 deaths from corona per million population in India. Other countries of the world, such as 652 in Spain, 642 in Brazil, 615 in the UK, 598 in the US, 565 in Mexico, 477 in France and 469 in Colombia have died per million population. The average in the world is 123 per 1 million population.

India accounts for 19.5% of the total number of patients recovering from infections in the world. Apart from this, now the number of patients recovering from infection in India is much higher than the newly infected patients. Corona has only 17.54% active cases in India. The death rate is also 1.59%.


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