Unhealthy and fast lifestyle has inevitably invited diseases that can hurt everyone. One such disease is Osteoarthritis which mainly affects the Knee joint. The diagnosis of osteoarthritis and the possible need of a surgery, makes most of the patients very nervous. In most cases, the only problem that comes in between the treatment of this easily curable condition, is the unawareness, about the cause and possible solutions for the same. Lack of knowledge leads to fear, fear leads to unproven and sometimes incorrect treatment and finally patients are left with unnecessary, pain and disability.

Formation of a knee Joint

The knee joint is between the thigh bone (femur) and lower leg bone (Tibia). Cartilage, the smooth, rubbery connective tissue on the end of bones, cushions joints and helps them move smoothly and easily.The Cartilage is a painless structure, because of the absence of Pain nerves in it.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is the degenerative condition of Knee joint that is mainly age related , though other factors (Over weight, Family history, Previous trauma) ,increase a person’s chances for developing the disease.

With age, the cartilage loses thickness and becomes inefficient to protect friction between bones. This Inefficiency or reduced thickness of Cartilage is known as Osteoarthritis. Initially, the duration of pain is limited to a few days to weeks and occurs especially in Monsoon and Winter season. With time as the disease progresses, the pain starts to stay longer and in late stages the pain persists.

In late stages of Osteoarthritis, patients suffer immense pain on walking and their legs get bowed inwards.

What and Why Knee Joint replacement?

In a Knee replacement the defective cartilage is replaced with an artificial Cartilage which is made up of a metal & polymer, thus in real sense the surgery is actually a resurfacing procedure.This new surface makes the knee painless, thus making the joint move smoothly.

This surgery is safe as it can be performed using regional / epidural anesthesia,(Only the legs are made to sleep, not the patient)  and because general anesthesia is not used people as old as 80 years can undergo the surgery safely.

After the surgery patient are made to walk from the next day and can go to their home walking in next 3–4 days.

Knee Joint replacement not only helps a patient to get rid off from pain but also allows them to live an independent life.

Who and When one should opt for this surgery?

The need of joint replacement arises when the conservative treatment fails, the pain becomes disabling and  the daily routine of the patient is adversely affected. Ideally, the best age for the surgery is 50-80 years.  But in medically fit patients, the surgery is possible for above 80 populations too. 5-6 years back this surgery was possible only in Metro cities, but as technology  & skill have spread this surgery is a routine in smaller cities also.

MMI-NH Hospital, Raipur has always stood a pioneer when it comes to bringing latest technology for the benefit of the residents of central india. The best of the world technology and  trained doctors has made sure that Osteoarthritis patients get the economic and latest advancements in Knee replacement in their city itself,  rather than spending their money and valuable time for the same treatment in a far off alien city.


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