Wellness at work

(Anatomy Of A Healthy Workplace)

Considering the average employee spends roughly 1/3 of the day at work, the time we spend at the office adds up quickly. It’s more important than ever for employees and employers alike to take charge of office health and create environments that alleviate stress and fatigue while promoting productivity and creativity. Here are some tips to help that happen.

Your Office
● The Right Temperature
○ Avoid extremes – studies show optimal temperature for productivity is 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Proper Lighting
    ○ Natural light can reduce fatigue and stress. If natural light isn’t an option, try using full spectrum lights.
  • Calming Colors
    ○ Incorporating cool colors like lavender or aqua can help lower stress levels in the office.
  • A little greenery
    ○ Plants add oxygen and moisture to office air and can enhance creativity.

Your Desk
● The Perfect Chair
○ Use a chair that supports your lower back and has adjustable height so you can sit with your knees parallel to the ground.

  • Properly Positioned Monitor
    ○ Place your screen at eye level and about 18 to 28 inches away or an arm’s length to limit strain on your eyes and neck.
  • Positive Memories
    ○ Keep a photo of an important person, pet or positive memory nearby, to tackle a tough day.
  • Hands-Free Help
    ○ Use a headset to avoid neck pain from holding a phone to your ear with your shoulder.
  • Soothing Sounds
    ○ Tune out distracting background noise with a headphones playing your favorite music.

Healthy Work Habits
● Walking Meetings
○ When meeting one-on-one or with small groups, try a “walking meeting”.

  • Get Moving
    ○ Encourage others to use break time to be physically active and get sunshine and fresh air.
  • Smart Snacking
    ○ During meetings or events, ensure that snacks or meals include healthy options.
  • Be an Example
    ○ Model these healthful behaviors and workplace routines to be a champion of office well-being.

The above mentioned steps will be helpful in increasing your productivity at work. You will be more proactive and succeed in all the tasks assigned to you.



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